Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here's some more of our golf supporters on the course!

And what a great picture of Lynda, Steven and Tanya taken today!


We are thrilled to announce Steven's surgery date: on September 30th Steven will have his skull flap removed from his abdomen and reattached onto his head! Tanya's Mom, Lynda, has agreed to stay an extra week in order to manage Steven's after-care.

Mid-October, Lynda will return to Ogdensburg, NY and my Mom, Marilyn, will stay with Steven Mondays and Tuesdays, and on Wednesdays and Thursdays we will find a 12-hour aid to be with him. Tanya will work from home on Fridays.

Things are falling into place and Steven is continuing to make progress in all areas of his therapies. One of his new favorite things is doing puzzles! Please take a moment to send him a card, as he loves to get mail and hasn't received much in awhile.
Steven Hill
133 Blackstone Street
Bellingham, MA 02019

Tanya also encourages scheduled visitors on the weekends. Please email her to set something up: Steven would LOVE to see some of his supporters!


Our new website is on schedule to launch within a week or so! I will send an email announcement when it is official. I am so very excited for this much-needed new site. The Foundation has simply outgrown the capacity of this blog! I will still continue the blog, but you will need to visit the NEWS section of the new website:

A big, huge, tremendous thank you goes out to the 3 very talented and giving individuals who have generously DONATED their time and efforts to build this site! Lori LoTurco, Matt Dyson and Kerri Augenstein. I am in awe of you all and am forever grateful for what you are doing for Steven and the Foundation! Thank you!!

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